Mackerel Pate

Just a quick post to share this recipe for mackerel pate. This recipe contains quite a lot of (“good”) fats so it should be enjoyed in moderation in order to avoid having too much of a good thing. The mackerel contains omega 3 (good for the cardiovascular system) and the avocado contains monounsaturated fat (shown […]

Creamy Fish Pie

There is good quality evidence to show that oily fish (e.g., salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.) consumption is good for your heart.  Oily fish can lower blood pressure and reduce fat build up in the arteries but only if the fish is broiled or baked.  Fried fish or fish sandwiches not only cancels out the benefits of oily […]

Healthy Eating Plate from Alliance for Natural Health

I wanted to share this new information from the Alliance for Natural Health regarding what a “healthy” plate of food should look like. Their original article can be found here and is well worth a read as it discusses potential problems with the UK (and US) government’s Eatwell Plate. Alliance for Natural Health launch a […]