The Safety of Supplements

The safety of supplements - UK Bubbles Graph-1

I wanted to share this research which was commissioned by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) on my blog because everyone I have shown this to seems to find it quite interesting.

As far as registered nutritionists are concerned, supplements are exactly that – supplemetary to your diet which should comprise mainly of whole unadulterated foods.  In my opinion, you are always better to get what you need from your diet but in some circumstances this is not always possible, for example vegetarians and vitamin B12.

Hope you enjoy looking at the graphs which can be downloaded below.  I don’t really need to say any more as the data speaks for itself!

The ANH works for freedom of choice in health care and in my opinion is a very important organisation.  I urge you to check out their website.

The safety of supplements – UK Bar Chart

The safety of supplements – UK Bubbles Graph