Healthy Eating Plate from Alliance for Natural Health

Larg ANH Food4Health Plate

I wanted to share this new information from the Alliance for Natural Health regarding what a “healthy” plate of food should look like.

Their original article can be found here and is well worth a read as it discusses potential problems with the UK (and US) government’s Eatwell Plate.

Alliance for Natural Health launch a new Food4Health plate, taking in to account some of the latest science and many years of input from clinical experience

In my opinion (and as the ANH also state) there is no single healthy eating plate that will be exactly right for all people, simply because everyone is different and has different nutritional requirements.  There are however some good rules of thumb and some not so good rules of thumb.  In my opinion, I think that this is one of the better ones.

My top highlights and why I like the ANH Food4 Health Plate:-

  • Emphasis on a rainbow coloured selection of foods
  • Fermented vegetables included (it’s a bit of understatement to say that I am quite big on healthy fermented foods.  I will be posting more about them in the future)
  • Grass fed meat – anything that tips the balance towards omega 3 is good
  • Minimise processed foods
  • References for the article provided

If you feel that your current diet is not optimal and you want to make some improvements this could be a good place to start and you can modify it to suit your own requirements (e.g., grain free or paleo).

You can download a PDF of the ANH Food4Health Plate here and their references if you like your nutrition evidence based.

ANH Food For Health Plate Jan 15

ANH Food For Health Plate Jan 15 REFERENCES