Nutrition for Weight Loss

Happy New Year everyone.  Now that the festivities are finished many people will be seeking to improve their health and perhaps lose some weight.  I’ve had a look at some weight loss research and have summarised it in to practical (dare I say, “easy”?) dietary suggestions.  Here’s the evidence based research:- No need to reduce […]

A Nutritional Therapist Who Says Diet isn’t Everything

I wanted to share this lovely info-graphic from showing the dangers of sitting too long. As a Nutritional Therapist I know the risks associated with poor diet however poor diet is definitely not the only contributing factor to good health (or lack of it). Sitting too long is a very dangerous activity – fact. […]

Healthy Eating Plate from Alliance for Natural Health

I wanted to share this new information from the Alliance for Natural Health regarding what a “healthy” plate of food should look like. Their original article can be found here and is well worth a read as it discusses potential problems with the UK (and US) government’s Eatwell Plate. Alliance for Natural Health launch a […]

The Safety of Supplements

I wanted to share this research which was commissioned by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) on my blog because everyone I have shown this to seems to find it quite interesting. As far as registered nutritionists are concerned, supplements are exactly that – supplemetary to your diet which should comprise mainly of whole unadulterated foods. […]

“Officially” Nourished – Analysis of a Foodbank Parcel

I originally wrote the article below for my local food bank and have deiced to share it on my blog because it provides an insight in to what can be classified, officially, as a “healthy” diet. Take some time to have a good look at the photograph of the food parcel before reading further. “Officially […]